Fri, 10 Mar 2017
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Mesrobian Armenia Catholic High organised a tour on March 9 for its staff to celebrate the Teacher's Day.

The first destination was the village Maghdouché in South Lebanon where the Mesrobian staff visited the Marian shrine Our Lady of Waiting (Mantara), gained information about the history of the site and ascended the Mantara tower which offers an overview of the whole city of Sidon and its suburbs. The teachers had the opportunity to meditate in the Mantara cave where, as is believed, the Holy Virgin had taken refuge waiting for her Son to complete his preaching in Sidon.

The trip continued then to the Fatima Gate and from there to Kawkaba where the team visited 2000-year-old olive trees orchard and converged in the local church for prayer. A short sermon by Mesrobian’s religious affairs supervisor father Raffi Hovhanessian followed, who called the attention of those present to three pivotal phenomena in life, namely, expectation, silence and prayer. ”Expectation helps us to perceive the course of time, silence reveals the value of speech, and prayer is the medium between us and God, which maintains our faith”, the cleric said.

The tour was completed with a dinner in the picturesque nature of Kawkaba leaving indelible impressions on the members of Mesrobian’s staff. 

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