Mesrobian Celebrates the Lebanese Independence Day
Thu, 23 Nov 2017

The recent tense atmosphere in Lebanon did not prevent the students of Mesrobian High School from celebrating with joy the Lebanese Independence Day this year, like any other year. The events celebrating the independence took place on the 23rd of November.

The children of Mesrobian kindergarten engaged in handicraft activities inspired by the theme of the independence, paraded to Lebanese songs, and presented small scenes dedicated to the Lebanese culture and Army.

In separate events, elementary and high school students performed and readings, as well as presentations on the history of Lebanon.

Faculty members Ms. Sonia Abetian and Mr. Elie Jawharji addressed the students by urging them to defend the homeland and stand with the Lebanese army as future citizens of the country. They insisted that every Lebanese citizen must have a sense of responsibility towards the country and fulfill his or her civic duties.

Mesrobian high school principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust noted in his speech that it is through education and knowledge that today's students will build the bright future of tomorrow's Lebanon, by becoming citizens with a freedom of mind and a conscience. He called on the students to preserve the sacred ideas of union, solidarity and mutual tolerance, in order to keep the Lebanese homeland and society firmly on these bases.

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