Wed, 06 Feb 2019
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The annual charity dinner of Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School coincided this year with the 80th anniversary of its founding. It was a celebration of friendship and support for Mesrobian High School and its students. The dinner took place on February 2, 2019, at ‘’Azurea’’ luxurious hall in Hotel le Royal, in the presence of 250 guests, which were representatives of clergy and secular classes of the Armenian Catholic community in Lebanon, union officials, former and current deputies, ministers and government officials, as well as philanthropists from Lebanon and abroad.

The event was sponsored by the Catholicos-Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenian Catholic Church Krikor Bedros XX, and presided by Mr. Varouj Narguizian, who is the main benefactor of Mesrobian since many years.

Mesrobian Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust delivered a speech, in which he expressed his gratitude to the His Beatitude Krikor Bedros for sponsoring personally the jubilee dinner. «We see in the person of the His Beatitude the symbol of Mesrobian High School’s founding generation. He is the custodian of Mesrobian’s 80-year legacy, and is one of its founders,’’ stated Mr. Kaloust.

Addressing his speech to the attendees, Mr. Kaloust stated “that it is never an exaggeration to assert that the Armenian-Lebanese school resembles a ship, which tries to continue its journey in the sea that gets stormier year after year”. You are here to keep the walls of this educational ship healthy, its masts enduring, and its flag flying always high, so that its passengers can reach the desired shores.’’

‘’And we march with the power and loyalty to Mesrobian's 80 year legacy. We have promised development and progress, planned work and professionalism, and we will keep our promise. We must work so that Mesrobian ensures the education of children and adolescents in such a way that they can enter life as faithful Christians, Armenian patriots, intrepid citizens and people, who have something to offer the world,’’ added Mr. Kaloust.

Then, one of the leaders in the Lebanese and Arab banking sector, Head of Educational and Investment Funds and Programs, famous businessman and philanthropist, President of the dinner Mr. Varouj Nerguizian delivered a speech. He greatly appreciated the educational work that is taking place in Mesrobian and which is progressing year after year, keeping up with the new era’s educational needs. Mr. Nerguizian evoked the memory of the priests and late responsible persons of Mesrobian’s founding generation, who forged this educational institution with devotion and competence, paving a way of life for tens of thousands. He then congratulated Principal Gregoire Kaloust and the staff who, under the supervision of Catholicos Patriarch Krikor Bedros XX, worthily continue the mission of educating generations in Mesrobian.

Principal Gregoire Kaloust honored Mr. Varouj Nerguizian with an award of gratitude on behalf of Mesrobian High School.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Schools Monsignor Kapriel Mouradian spoke on behalf of His Beatitude and congratulated Mesrobian for the 80th anniversary. He then mentioned that the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate will always support the Armenian school, considering it the guarantee of the Armenian nation's perseverance, along with the church.

In a sincere friendly atmosphere, the attendees made donations to Mesrobian’s Needy Students Fund. The dinner was hosted by Mrs. Anna Antounian. Mesrobian Student Nanor Arnelian did an artistic performance, and Singer Arpi, who was invited from Armenia on this occasion, conveyed great joy, by performing Armenian and European songs.

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