This day will be marked in the annals of the 80th anniversary of our school as one of its most brilliant pages
Mon, 18 Mar 2019
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Monseigneurs, Excellencies, Reverend Fathers, Reverend Sister,

Dear guests, dear teachers, very dear students,

Dear friends,

The celebration of this day on the occasion of being awarded the Label CELF by Mesrobian High School symbolizes and confirms the favorable outcome of one of the important steps of the educational process of our School, whose starting signal has been given 7 years ago.

In 2012, right at the beginning of the implementation of this project dedicated to the development of the French language, we have understood all the significance and importance of this project for our students. Today, we have an immense feeling and profound satisfaction, all of us, management, teaching staff and parents, because we have succeeded in obtaining the confirmation of quality of our teaching in French, which we consider essential for the future of our students on the path of education, and success in life.

We have initiated the project with the deepening of French language among our teachers, followed by DELF exams. The students of elementary and intermediate classes exceeded successfully all the stages of the exams, an achievement that was the result of convergent efforts of all parties, thanks to their diligence, efforts and enthusiasm.

I wish to express here with a profound sense of gratitude to the role of Institut Francais in this process, in the person of Mrs. Camilla Kaakour, who was permanently present throughout our journey. Without her precious collaboration, we could not have achieved this success.

I express my gratitude to the teaching staff of Mesrobian High School and especially the teachers of French language, who were the main implementers of this important achievement. They also had the privilege of having Mrs. Hasna Abou Elias as a guide, our coordinator of the French program and educational administrator of the elementary and secondary classes who, thanks to her great competence and all her knowledge as a specialist, closely followed the achievement of this project.

We are already facing a new summit to be reached, along with other development projects for the French language. Mesrobian High School, in collaboration with the Institut Français, has already set to work with the objective of adopting the French Education Program, in order to obtain the "FrancEducation" Label. Our goal for the future is to become an accredited institution. This is the main challenge of our establishment for the coming years. Nevertheless, we know that we will have to go a long way to achieve victory, and we will take this way with the same determination and the same drive that led us to the CELF label. We also believe that we can take Mesrobian School to a level where it can become a landmark within the educational complex of Lebanon, by its importance, specificity and professionalism.

The Mesrobian College is celebrating this year the 80th anniversary of its educational work. This date undoubtedly marks one of the signs of the resurrection of a people who, after having shed their blood and overcoming the sufferings and persecutions of the Genocide, was reborn like a phoenix on the land of Lebanon, becoming one of the avant-garde elements in the cultural development of this welcoming country. Throughout the eight decades and non-stop, this deeply Lebanese and deeply Armenian establishment has contributed particularly to the education of the children coming from modest backgrounds, offering them a home of civic education and a model of Armenian identity in Lebanon, while being one of the torchbearers of the Francophonie in Lebanon, in general, and within the local Armenian community, in particular. Lebanon and Armenia, which chairs the summit of the Francophonie, are active members of this international organization, and Mesrobian High School is aware that, by the very fact of being part of it, is called to pursue its activity in contributing to the development of the Francophonie.

I wish here to express my sincere gratitude to the one who presides over the destiny of the Mesrobian High School, His Beatitude Krikor Bedros XX, Catholicos Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenian Catholics, whose attentiveness and encouragement have constantly accompanied us in our mission. As a former principal, he was one of the builders of this school, and we strive to pursue the mission under his leadership.

I express my gratitude to His Excellency Bruno Foucher, French Ambassador to Lebanon who, by his prestigious presence, honors this celebration. I wish to assure him that this day will be marked in the annals of the 80th anniversary of our school as one of its most brilliant pages as a reward for all our efforts and the beginning of new successes to which we aspire, always aiming for new conquests for our students.


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