Fri, 31 May 2019
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The annual ceremony of "Alice Nerguizian" Nursery of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School was an opportunity for the school’s principal to announce about the expansion of the nursery’s services and the new programs that will be put into operation in a few months, as of the beginning of the next academic year.

The nursery’s ceremony was held on May 30, 2019, at the courtyard of Mesrobian High School, in the presence of the parents, teaching and administrative staff of the school, and many friends. The host of the ceremony was Maral Harboyan.

Nursery’s Supervisor Mrs. Tamar Feslian Keshishian delivered a speech, in which she expressed satisfaction that the year was a successful one and that the staff members were able to execute the annual program wholly. In this success, she highlighted the cooperation with the parents and their confidence towards the nursery’s staff, for which she expressed a great thankfulness. This year, ‘’Alice Nerguizan’’ Nursery hosted 60 children aged 1 to 3, taking care of them on a daily basis.

Mesrobian's principal, Mr Gregoire Kaloust, stated in his speech that important steps will be taken in the coming school year to improve the services of Nerguizian Nursery. Mr. Kaloust said that the nursery’s day will extend, so that the service would be better suited especially to the needs of working mothers. He added that the nursery vacation days will decrease to a minimum for the suitability of parents. In this regard, he appreciated the sacrifice and willingness of the staff members to serve the needs of the institution and of the parents at the expense of their own holidays.

Mr. Gregoire Kaloust welcomed the parents on behalf of Mrs. Alice Nergizian, the sponsor of the nursery’s modernization, and appreciated their attitude for trusting their children to the care of the Armenian educational institution, despite the difficulties of all kinds. He stressed that Mesrobian feels obliged to reciprocate this trust by continuously improving its services, consistently raising the level of education and care, and all of them with an open, transparent and responsible cooperation with parents and despite all difficulties.

During the ceremony, the children performed 7 dances, showing the joyful amount of physical and mental growth that they had reached through the efforts of the nursery's staff. In the end, 40 children received the first certificate of their educational life to start their school life in kindergarten next year.


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