Tue, 18 Jun 2019

On Friday, June 14th 2019, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School’s KG3 students joyfully celebrated their graduation from kindergarten, moving on in their journey toward the elementary classes.

The ceremony reflected the educational system which the children have integrated during the KG years. The importance given to the comprehensive development of the children, including the knowledge of languages, physical education and the Armenian culture was clearly revealed in it.

The KG3 students performed the anthems of Lebanon, Armenia and that of Mesrobian with their soft and captivating voices, then delivered the opening speeches. An interesting dialogue took place on the stage with the kindergarten’s supervisor, Mrs. Caroline Terzian, in which the children talked about their daily life and the knowledge they acquired in kindergarten, after which they thanked their teachers and parents.  
The artistic program of the ceremony was characterized by colors,
multilinguism and physical exercises. The children recited and sung in four languages and performed beautiful dances and scenes of rhythmic movements, thus revealing their physical development. 


Mesrobian’s Principal, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, expressed his satisfaction at the attainment of the expected results of the wide educational reforms that had been applied during this scholastic year. The newest teaching methods are implemented, the development of the student’s critical thinking is emphasized, the lesson hours are tailored to the student’s age needs and the teachers are participating in long-term development programs. Mr. Kaloust highly appreciated the members of the kindergarten staff for their careful and devoted work aimed at the education of the children, as well as for the willingness they demonstrated in applying the educational reforms. Ending his speech, Mr. Kaloust confirmed that the graduates of Mesrobian’s kindergarten will grow up to be exemplary Armenians and Lebanese citizens, succeeding in all areas of life.

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