Tue, 17 Sep 2019
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The first general assembly of the teaching-supervising staff of Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School took place on September 13, 2019, at the school’s Farajian Hall.

The assembly started with the reflections of the school’s spiritual superintendent, Father Raffi Hovhannesian. The reverend father particularly emphasized on the importance of forgiveness in interpersonal relationships and collaborative work such as teaching. He mentioned that the grudge and the self-centered approach are the biggest obstacles for one’s spiritual growth, and that they hinder the effective execution of one’s potential and serve as a bad example for the environment, further stressing on the obligation of the teachers to stay away from those habits. Father Raffi urged the teachers to behave wholeheartedly with each other, with students and parents, in the aim of succeeding in the educational mission.

Then, the heads of the different departments of Mesrobian delivered speeches, in which they briefly presented the activities, achievements and problems of the last school year, and introduced the plans of the new school year.

Then, Dr. Colette Aoun, the academic advisor of Mesrobian High School, addressed the attendees. She introduced a general guideline concerning the preparation of lessons, the organization of classes, the grading system of the students, the system of the exams and the work of the teachers. She emphasized on the importance of the guideline for the ongoing educational reforms in the school.

The attendees watched a video depicting the main events of the 80th anniversary, the student activities and the educational achievements, which were culminated in Mesrobian’s acquisition of Label CELF.

Mesrobian’s Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust made the overall assessment of the activities of the school’s year 2018-2019, mentioning that Mesrobian has achieved excellent results in the official exams, especially in Bacc II and Technical sections. Overall, 115 students from Mesrobian High School and Technical College participated in the exams, 106 of which succeeded (the success rate was 92.17 %).

Mr. Kaloust expressed his satisfaction at the three-year educational program launched at Mesrobian last year and its results. Thus, the launch of teaching English in kindergarten was successful, ‘’Manners and Good Behavior’’ Course was introduced smoothly, the almost complete removal of homework and the complete removal of the exams for elementary students gave the expected results, and thanks to technological and ‘’Robotics’’ courses, the students of Mesrobian obtained excellent results in school competitions. The principal stated that cooperation with universities and international organizations will carry on in the areas of teacher training, student development and parent counseling. The after-school teaching programs, the Saturday groups, as well as the orientation and social-psychological groups will continue to operate. A new impetus will be given to the Armenian educational programs, and the computer science education.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Schools Monsignor Kapriel Mouradian delivered the closing speech. He observed that Mesrobian has always set high benchmarks for its activities and has achieved relevant results, thus receiving a wide appreciation from relevant bodies and the public. Monsignor Mouradian emphasized that alongside the educational successes, the spiritual and moral education must also remain at its rightful height, for the most importance evidence of success is that one presents himself before God with faith and good deeds he has done in life.

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