Fri, 11 Oct 2019

On October 11, the administration of Mesrobian High School invited the parents to meetings, during which the parents were introduced to the educational programs being implemented in the school, their goals and execution methods.

It is known that a three-year program is ongoing in Mesrobian with the aim of radically reforming the school's educational system to achieve maximum results.

The meetings with the parents of kindergarten and elementary classes were held separately. Mesrobian’s Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust mentioned that parental awareness and cooperation have a key role in the success of new educational programs. He expressed satisfaction that parents are getting more and more involved in the educational process, which is highly beneficial to the educational work. The principal advised the parents to make the most of the online platform available on the school’s website for communication and access to student information.

During both meetings, Mesrobian’s pedagogical counselor, Professor of Pedagogy at St. Joseph University, Methodologist for Teaching and Teacher Training Specialist Dr. Colette Aoun delivered speeches. She explained in detail the contents of the curricula of the elementary section and the kindergarten and clarified the benefits the students would gain at the end of each section. Dr. Aoun also explained the methodology of project execution, advising parents to follow its logic at home to help their children progress.

Head of the kindergarten Mrs. Caroline Terzian, in her turn, presented a disciplinary system on current issues, which maintenance is important for the educational process.

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