Thu, 21 Nov 2019

During the second ten-day course of November, the students of Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School celebrated the Lebanese Independence through various events. The main one took place on November 20, at the school’s courtyard.

The students of Mesrobian honored through songs, recitations and speeches the memory of Independence generation representatives, highlighted the role and significance of Lebanon in the international community and emphasized the importance of the independence concept in building a progressive statehood.

Mesrobian’s Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust delivered a speech, in which he mentioned that this year the Independence is celebrated in exceptional circumstances. He highlighted that the Lebanese citizen has specific responsibilities and rights, which he has to execute for the wellbeing of the State and society. Mr. Kaloust stated that the patriotism starts with seemingly minor acts, such as taking care of the surrounding environment, or respecting the rules and principles governing the society’s life. He advised the students, especially the ones in the secondary section, to be well informed about the crises existing in Lebanon, emphasizing that the awareness is a requirement for having healthy civic stances.

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