Thu, 16 Jul 2020

On Thursday, July 16, 2020, Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School Mesrobian handed out diplomas to its 2019-2020 graduating class of 36 students, under the extraordinary conditions imposed by the Covid-19. Unlike the traditional public celebration taking place annually, this year exceptionally, only the graduates' close family members and the school’s teaching-administrative personnel attended the ceremony. The ceremony, which took place in Mesrobian’s courtyard, in front of Saint Mesrob monument, was presided by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Schools, Monsignor Kapriel Mouradian.


The ceremony began with the anthems of Lebanon, Armenia and Mesrobian. Afterward, Mesrobian’s Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust started the opening speech by asking the attendees to stand up to applaud the dedication and willingness of the teaching staff, who continued to perform their duties online despite the difficult conditions imposed by the country’s socio-economic situation and the spread of coronavirus, without giving up in the face of the difficulties. Mr. Kaloust also emphasized on the high sense of responsibility of the parents, who cooperated with the school to help their children to end this school year. Mr. Kaloust urged the graduates to remain committed to Lebanon despite the extremely hard living conditions. “You are the descendants of our 1.5 million holy martyrs, who established by their life and death the exemplary figure of the human being and Armenian Christian, through their unwavering commitment to their faith, identity and values,’’ mentioned Mr. Kaloust and added, “You are also the sisters and brothers of the Armenian soldiers who are fighting today on the borders of Armenia, and you need to support them in any possible way.’’


Mr. Kaloust expressed his gratitude to the friends and sponsors of Mesrobian, highlighting the importance of their support in Mesrobian’s continuous development path. He particularly expressed his filial gratitude and appreciation to Mesrobian's main aegis, His Beatitude Krikor Bedros XX, Catholicos-Patriarch of the See of Cilicia, who continuously oversees the activities of the school.


The principal also expressed his immense gratitude to the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Schools, Monsignor Kapriel Mouradian, who meticulously and diligently monitors the activities of the school and strongly supports its programs.


Stressing the irreplaceable role of the Armenian Church, Mr. Kaloust highly appreciated the input of Saint Savior Church’s Parish in the spiritual and religious education of Mesrobian students, mentioning that the shaping of the Armenian Christian is one of the most essential features that distinguishes Mesrobian in the educational environment. At the end of the speech, Mr. Kaloust awarded special certificates to the students who achieved the highest grades in the three sections of the graduating class.


Nareg Ashkarian and Celin Ghazarian(in Armenian), Jessica Bajin (French), Robert Toranian (Arabic) and Jennifer Mikaelian (English) delivered speeches on behalf the graduates and expressed their gratitude to the school’s administration, teaching staff and parents, confirming that they will carry the values learned in Mesrobian in the education field or elsewhere.


Mr. Adib Gemayel spoke on behalf of Mesrobian's teaching staff, noting that Lebanon has faced many challenges, but has always managed to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. He stressed that Lebanon's past and present should be a textbook for graduates in order to learn the lessons of hope, will, strength and love. “Always look forward and upwards, so that you can always see the suns and stars of success in your life,’’ advised Mr. Gemayel.


The graduates presented an artistic program: Marie-Rose Daghlian (recitation in Arabic), Kevin Ghazar (music on piano), Carla Keshishian, Saly Khalifeh, Celin Kahvejian and Sara Dahlan (Armenian dance). In the end, the graduates sang “Vertchin Zanke’’ to express their mixed feelings of joy and sadness at the end of their school life.


After the handing over of "Mesrobian Shield" by the graduates to the representatives of the next graduating class, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Schools, Monsignor Kapriel Mouradian delivered a speech, in which he highlighted that the highest diplomas and the greatest wealth are meaningless for a person if God is absent in that person’s life and work. Monsignor Mouradian mentioned that the world suffers from various crises because Divine love and solidarity are absent in the life of humanity. “A person can receive his highest diploma in the sky as a graduate of the school of Christ if he has been able to live his life on earth by divine grace,” he stated. Monsignor Mouradian highly appreciated the diligence, devotion and spirit of sacrifice that Mesrobian’s Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust has demonstrated in his long years of work, thanks to which the Armenian Catholic Church is proud of Mesrobian High School. He greatly praised the activity of the teachers, stressing on their mission for the love of the Armenian student. Monsignor Mouradian called for trust in God and the power of prayers addressed to Him to overcome the current difficult conditions in Lebanon.


Finally, 36 graduates of Mesrobian High School received diplomas.


It should be noted that the graduation ceremony of Mesrobian Technical College will take place separately on Thursday, the 23rd of July.

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