Mrs. Alice Nerguizian undertakes to cover the tuition fees of Mesrobian’s all 150 Kindergarten Students
Thu, 24 Sep 2020
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One of the leading figures in the international financial community, the author of a number of educational initiatives and the mother of Mr. Varouj Nerguizian, a longtime benefactor of Mesrobian High School, Mrs. Alice Nerguizian (Canada), informed Mesrobian School’s administration that she undertakes this year to cover the tuition fees for all the 150 kindergarten students.

The noble lady's decision followed the announcement made by the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate on the 24th of September, informing that for three consecutive school years, from 2020 to 2023, parents at Mesrobian and Harboyan-Sourp Khach schools would only pay a third of their children's tuition fees.

On behalf of the entire educational family, Mesrobian's administration expresses its gratitude to Mrs. Alice Nerguizian for her aid to the Kindergarten and the students' parents. This support’s importance is both financially and morally invaluable in the current difficult circumstances. We ask through our prayers that Our Lady of Bzommar always keeps Mrs. Nerguizian under her protection, giving her good health and happiness.

It should be reminded that Mesrobian’s Nursery is named after Alice Nerguizian. The nursery was thoroughly renovated a few years ago with the support of Varouj Nerguizian.


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