Public Relations Practices Training Certificates for BT Students
Fri, 18 Dec 2020
Posted in Technical College

On Dec 17th 2020, 42 BT students from Mesrobian Technical College (in Hospitality as well as in Accounting and Computer) received their Certificates of Completion of the ‘Public Relations Practices’ training sponsored by Waznat, the well-known career counseling and professional orientation institution, and conducted by Ms. Rebecca Bou Chebel-MacMillan, an accredited ‘Informa’ instructor.

This training was administered through 3 sessions to 3 different classes covering the following topics: the power of communication today, principles of communication, influence in business, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, public speaking in addition to resolving conflict and crisis communication.

During this ceremony, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, the Principal of Mesrobian Technical College, thanked Ms. Bou Chebel-MacMillan and Waznat for the valuable information and the new skills shared with our students and that can be adopted by them in order to achieve success through verbal and non-verbal communication. Mr. Kaloust addressed also the 42 students to congratulate them for their commitment and for sparing time to attend these sessions in spite of the challenging situation that is currently prevailing.

Then Ms. Bou Chebel-MacMillan thanked the administration of Mesrobian Technical College for giving its students this unique opportunity to benefit from such an important program. Likewise, she expressed her amazement at the students’ motivation and active participation in this training as well as her hope of meeting them again for new seminars in the future.

The certificates were distributed after Ms. Bou Chebel-MacMillan’s word to the trainees who received them with gratefulness and contentment.


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