Holy Festive Days in Mesrobian
Wed, 23 Dec 2020
Posted in Spiritual Education | Festivities

During the week leading up to the holy festivals, and under the conditions of protection from the Covid-19, the large family of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School, i.e., the students, teachers and parents took part in a series of activities that were filled with Christmas joy, hope and love.

For our nursery and kindergarten children, the week was an opportunity to do Christmas-themed activities, learn songs, and gain knowledge. The traditional Santa Claus visited the children and delighted them with gifts.

The students of the elementary section prepared handmade cards to congratulate their teachers and parents on Christmas and New Year. Mesrobian's Teaching Committee, in its turn, made a pleasant surprise to the teachers by offering them face masks bearing the symbol of the school.

For the fourth year in a row, the ceremony of transporting Baby Jesus to the manger took place in Mesrobian. Under the leadership of Father Raffi Hovhannessian and accompanied by the parish priest of the St. Savior Church Father Khatchig Kouyoumjian, as well as Assistant Priests Father Dikran and Father Vartan, the procession of the students headed to the Christmas tree located in the center of Mesrobian’s courtyard, to place the symbol of the Human God in the Manger placed under the tree. On the occasion of the ceremony, teachers and students conveyed messages. Father Raffi and Mesrobian Principal Mr. Gregoire Kaloust delivered speeches. The school's “Dzidzernag’’ Choir, conducted by Mr. Manuel Keshishian, performed spiritual songs.

The festive week ended with a Divine Liturgy, which was attended by members of Mesrobian's teaching and administrative staff, who made resolutions based on the Message of the day. Father Raffi Hovhannessian emphasized in his sermon the importance of love, mutual respect, forgiveness, and mutual understanding, the absence of which disables people to carry out important activities for the society, such as teaching. He urged to be authentic in life and work, and not superficial, so that human activity does not turn into acting, but remains based on values ​​and beliefs.

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